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aquabikeThe water spinning or Hydrobike in Vetulonia is a novelty in the field of Water fitness that involves the use of special bicycle submerged in water to make a series of exercises of varying intensity in the ultimate relaxation of our swimming pool .

The pedaling positive effects in the water are:

a) significant caloric expenditure ( 10 min . of Hydrobike do consume 500 cal. )

b ) muscle firming

c ) cardio – vascular training

d ) effectiveness in anti-cellulite treatments

e) improving the drainage and circulation peripheral venous and lymphatic


A causa del debole segnale telefonico, abbiamo messo a Vostra disposizione un contatto whatsapp per telefonate e messaggistica istantanea, augurandoci di offrirvi pieno supporto per qualsiasi informazione / necessità.

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